Trump vs. Regulations

Regulations are sold to the mindless public as means to keep them safe from the evil, malintent, baby-killing business owners who are more intent on making money than being safe.

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The State of the Disunited

The perpetual Union, 50 independent sovereign states, as it was described initially in the Articles of Confederation. But viewing the political and social landscape today can give pause to any critical observer and lover of liberty. Whether or not we are still a stalwart union could be debated heatedly.

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The Decrees of Mein Führer

All law in the United States is derived from the authority of the Constitution, some would also argue the Articles of Confederation as well. Precedence does not make law, and if a precedent-setting action was illegal from its inception and is allowed to be carried forth, that only serves to facilitate an institutionalized disregard for the supreme law of the land.

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