The Cause of the Attack in Dallas

By Steve Orcutt

Dallas, Texas on Friday was witness to an attack upon the law enforcement of the city.  Officers from both the Dallas Police Department and Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Police suffered losses at the hands of an angry man, Micah Johnson a former Army National Guardsman.

Much has been said of Johnson since Friday night and the things found at his home; that he had manuals on warfare, guns, ammunition, and bomb-making material.  Of which only the bomb-making material is illegal, when assembled into a bomb.  So the new media, once again, makes a bigger deal out of what law enforcement found.

The five law enforcement officers killed in action are Brent Thompson (DART), Michael Krol (DPD), Patrick Zamarripa (DPD), Mike Smith (DPD, and Lorne Ahrens (DPD).  Much has also been made of each of their lives and who they leave behind.  One was a former Marine, one a former Sailor; others career law enforcement.

The “evil gun” and racism has been tossed under the bus once again as a strawman to the cause of what happened, but little to no discussion occurred as to what brought about this battle.  While both had supporting roles in this, they were not the cause regardless of what the news media or the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) tell you.

The real cause, whom to blame for Friday night is a combination of things but the root being the ‘War on Drugs’.

Even since Richard Nixon declared the ‘War on Drugs’ in June 1971, the law enforcement communities have gradually increased their militarism and abusive policing policies.  Today we are faced with local police forces that are essentially battalions (or larger) of soldiers fighting the ‘War on Drugs.’  Law enforcement agencies local, state, and federal are armed and equipped with new and surplus military weapons, clothing, equipment, and armored vehicles – an army.  Today’s law enforcement is the kind of standing army that the Founding Fathers were afraid of destroying the liberties of the people.

The ‘War on Drugs’ has given police increasing latitude and leeway when it comes to dishing out abuse to the people.  The abuses get covered over with things like, “they were a danger to others,” or “I feared for my life,” or “they were a known felon.”  But these excuses for police brutality have only increased the instances of those abuses and have resulted in a very disenfranchised populace.

The loss of those five police officers was a tragedy because the likelihood that any of them deserved it or were the abusive type of cop is low.  90-99% of police are good upstanding officers, but it’s that 10-1% that is causing so much hate.  Could my estimations be off, sure, it could be a higher percentage that are abusing the people but no one will do a true study and find out.

What it really takes to turn the tide and put a stop to attacks like Friday is for the good police to police their own, call out or report the fellow officers that are abusive to the people.  The people are where your authority comes from, believe it or not, and anyone can see without a reversal of policing techniques attacks like Friday will happen again; likely with increased frequency.


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