You, a Slave: The Socialist Dreams of Politicians

By Steve Orcutt
There’s a concerted effort to change America into a socialist nation by those in power.  They are doing this to concentrate the power for themselves.  They are doing this by slowly brainwashing the masses to think they cannot do things without government; they cannot live without government; they are not safe without government.  They are wrong; they are government dependent – slaves to the power elite.


The power of the government derives from that of the people.  Liberty weakens the power of the government which is why they slowly strip away the liberties of the people, by creating dependence on the government.  There is a myriad of functions local city/town government, or communities of neighbors use to do themselves in years past.


Take primary education for example; created in 1980 by a law signed by President Jimmy Carter.  It’s difficult to say education has improved since 1980; some would say education throughout the country has degraded.  Education costs are up, and quality output is lower; if schools were a factory, they would have closed the plant or done restructuring.  While primary control of the day-to-day administration of the school system is retained locally, funding is heavily sourced from the Federal government.  In fact, many functions of community that are run locally but funded Federally increase all the time.


When the responsibility of funding for a program or function of community is moved away from the stakeholders, the actual level of control and independent thought moves the capacity of self-governance out of the hands of the stakeholders.  Self-governance leads to greater liberty and as history shows us in the case of education, higher quality education.  Furthermore, the Federal government doesn’t a) have the responsibility or b) have the authority to have assumed power over the education system.  I cannot show you in the Constitution where is expressly gives power to the Federal government to control education because it doesn’t exist.  Just another example of the unchecked power and overreach of the Federal government.


The Federal government doesn’t want local governance of education because Federal control requires the subservience of localities.  Additionally, Federal control allows for dictation of the curriculum in the school.  As George Orwell said in his book ‘1984,’ “Who controls the past controls the future.  Who controls the present controls the past.”  1984xxxcIn the perspective of how the Federal Department of Education has performed, they are attempting to eliminate parts of our American history out of the teachings of primary school history classes.  Have you spoken to a high school senior or college student recently and had a discussion about history?  It is not pretty, they are rather inept in their knowledge of the basic history of the United States, the Constitution, and civics.


Progressives embedded throughout all levels of government create dependence on government by controlling what generations of students have been and are being taught, creating a dependence on government, creating extrajudicial and extraconstitutional laws like prohibiting collection of rainwater, banning the use of wood stoves, prohibiting gardens.  Dependence creates slaves.  Slaves have no voice and no liberties.


The steps needed to reverse these trends is for state legislatures all the way down to community organizations to say no, no more control over these areas the Constitution does not give authority.  Reestablish self-government control over the fundamental areas of our lives such as schools, be willing to provided our own services.


Servitude and slavery require no personal responsibility or independent thought.  As with either to varying degrees, you do whatever the government tells you to do, listening and watching government controlled media you desire what they tell you to buy.  Slavery doesn’t require the hard work of self-governance, but it also doesn’t allow people the liberty to decide what they want either.  All of which is the complete opposite of what the Founding Fathers fought.


KrisAnne Hall does a much more efficient job of explaining all this than I am able to and recommend taking the 30 minutes or so to listen to her explain the why’s and how’s.



What does this have to do with socialism?  Simple.  Socialism is the control of the economy by the government, you “own” the business and the government tells you how much you can charge for things, how much to pay people, how much to buy resources for your business; total reliance on government.  Socialism is greater control and power for the Federal government, which means less liberty for you.


The Constitution delegates no authority to the Federal government relevant to any socialist agenda.  The socialist type programs that are already in effect are unconstitutional.  The authority to implement Bernie Sanders’ agenda would require great changes to the Constitution; that is for his agenda to be legally implemented.


For liberty to be restored to a level which the Founding Fathers envisioned, the Constitution must be abided by.  We must insist at all turns that all elected representatives and appointed bureaucrats operate within the constraints of the Constitution.  This requires individuals to call them out on the bullshit.  For that individuals’ friends and community to back them up when they take a stand for the legal means which our government is supposed to operate.  We cannot allow for the half-assed adherence to the supreme law of the land and let ourselves and neighbors be subjugated to illegal laws.


Stand and fight for liberty with words from your pen and mouth, before it becomes necessary to fight for liberty with guns.

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