No Evil Guns for You! It’s for Your Safety!

By Steve Orcutt

What could possibly be worse than a Clinton or Sanders Presidency… how about Michael Bloomberg.  Imagine the fears spinning around inside the heads of pro-gun, pro-Second Amendment, NRA, Gun Owners of America, and all the other defenders of gun rights.  All those fear would be realized with a Bloomberg Presidency.  Bloomberg would be vastly worst and more dictatorial than even Obama has been.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, former New York City Mayor, financier of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and Everytown for Gun Safety.  Bloomberg is the radical anti-gun rights activist the ravenous progressives salivate over.  He spends millions of his own money funding those groups, pressing an anti-liberty, anti-gun narrative and feeding off people’s irrational fears.


If Bloomberg were to become President, there is at least one agenda item we could be sure to see.  As Obama-care was Obama’s legacy agenda item, confiscation of all semi-automatic weapons, at a minimum, would be Bloomberg’s principal agenda item.  It’s not something Bloomberg is shy about either:
You have to be careful if there’s two issues you care about, and they’re good on, one bad on the other, what do you do? And I think you’ve got to pick your issue. In our case, my case, it’s guns. I care very much about immigration. But guns are the No. 1 thing. So I’ve got a senator who’s running for re-election. He’s terrible on guns but good on immigration. I’m going after him. That’s it.” Bloomberg told NY Times in 2014.
USA Today wrote and quoted, “He wants a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips and an end to gun-show purchases without background checks. If the legislation isn’t simple and effective, [Bloomberg] said Tuesday on MSNBC, “I’m going to try to make — and get as many people as I can to make — a big fuss.”


If Bloomberg were President and we still have an ineffective and inept Congress, he would subjugate the American people.  He would do that first by disarming the people of the effective means of defending their fundamental natural rights, their property, and their lives.  That has been his scheme since being Mayor of New York City and has only stepped up his anti-gun rhetoric since leaving office.

An argument could be made that he actually believes the anti-gun platform he espouses, but people rarely get into politics, especially as a progressive Democrat, for any other reason that to control people.  Frankly, government’s goal is to control people, that cannot be argued if you just look at every law ever passed.

Control and power go hand in hand, and as it’s said, ‘power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.’  A government that is able to confiscate firearms lends itself total control over the people.  Those in power may speak of keeping people safe and they can only keep everyone safe if only the government has the guns… and the criminals.  Edward Abbey put it best in his book ‘Abbey’s Road,’ “Let us hope our weapons are never needed — but do not forget what the common people knew when they demanded the Bill of Rights: An armed citizenry is the first defense, the best defense, and the final defense against tyranny. If guns are outlawed, only the government will have guns. Only the police, secret police, the military, the hired servants of our rulers. Only the government — and a few outlaws. I intend to be among the outlaws.”


Many people that are not awake to the transgressions our federal government is guilty of and will say we aren’t oppressed and tyranny is what other countries deal with.  Or people will try to rationalize what the government does as ‘not that bad.’  If you or these uninformed people have not read the Declaration of Independence of late, I suggest you do so and try to tie the “injuries and usurpations” of the King of Great Britain to those of the Federal Government.  KrisAnne Hall does an excellent job of detailing the crimes against the colonist and relating them to today’s issues:
The electorate is already inundated with threats to the liberty of the people in both dominant parties.  We’ve been presented the options of a democratic socialist, an egotistical billionaire who likely has never read the Constitution, a pathological liar who should be indicted by the Department of Justice (if justice is really equal), and someone who may actually be a natural born Canadian and ineligible to hold the office – to name a few.
The introduction of Michael Bloomberg would be as poor a choice for the people and liberty as any of the others may be, and not the only one who’s stated gun confiscation is “worth considering.”  The truth of is We the People generally do not have a choice who the President is because of the Electoral College.  Some states do have a little more say in the process depending on the method the Electoral College makes its selection for that State.  But if we want the liberty that is our birthright, we must speak out, organize, and refuse to be sheep heading to slaughter; say no to the agenda Michael Bloomberg touts.


We should start by going to election rallies when the candidates will be present.  Ask them revealing questions like, “how important is the Constitution to you and how strict will you abide by it if elected?”  Don’t settle for a bullshit answer.  Demand an answer, if they talk themselves out of the question have a backup Yes or No question and demand an answer.  If they don’t give a reasonable response or give you one where they don’t say they’ll abide by the Constitution tell them, “Sir (or Ma’am) you have lost my vote.”  They are applying for a job, you are the boss, it is their responsibility to convince you that they will do a good job.  Does not ‘doing a good job’ require that the employee functions within all of a company’s rules and regulations?  If you don’t think so, you might be on your sixth job in the last few years.  We need to make it apparent to the candidates applying for the job of representing you at the local, state or federal levels that operating within the rules, the Constitution, is more important than their feelings, agenda, or what the ‘party’ tells them to do.


If we can do those things to try to elect the best ethical and Constitutionally minded person to all offices of government, at all levels, we could start to turn around this country, back to resemble a republic.  When we don’t give the candidates the third degree, we can be setting ourselves up for tyranny.
Give me Liberty, or give me death!

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