The “Free” Stuff Show

By Steve Orcutt
It is my assumption that many intelligent and liberty loving people missed the most recent episode of ‘The “Free” Stuff Show,’ starring Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton, and some other guy.  Oh excuse me, I meant the January 17th Democratic Party Presidential Primary Debate.  The Democratic Party (DNC) contenders vied for the people’s affection by promising free stuff, as if they were beer babes working to tempt the people to try their company’s beer.  But in this case, they aren’t giving away free beer koozies or bottle openers – no they are offering the sovereignty of our nation to the international bankers by levying more debt.


The DNC candidates are attempting to garner the populace support, the mob, as some call the rule of democracy.  Fortunate for us, our nation is a Republic.  While the desires and concerns of the populace are supposed to be of importance to our representatives, those concerns cannot legally be the only factor in deciding policy and legislation.  Concerns of the people must be tempered by the constraints of the federal and state governments by their respective constitutions.  That restraint of government is primarily the beauty and difference of a republic, versus a democracy.

Without restrictions on the governments’ authority, a multitude of problems will occur; the current, unofficial, oligarchic government that we find ourselves entangled with is a decent example of one of those problems.  The federal government routinely ‘feels’ it necessary to circumnavigate its Constitutional authority and because of that, the people are subjected to extraconstitutional laws, rules, orders, and actions.  Meanwhile, the people are supposedly left with a choice and a chance to correct the usurpations and problems with a Presidential Election.  This is how our federal, and probably some states too, are more like oligarchies; most of the choices for election are just the same people as years past, backed by big money from big donors – the kingmakers.  While perhaps we are entertained by the charade of an election, comforting our feelings; in reality, our country is being acquired out from under our noses.  People voting think we are voting for a change in leadership, we are not, just the same bosses with a different face at the podium.


Make no mistake in thinking when Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton talk about “the wealthy,” they are not talking about the kingmakers.  Martin O’Malley was the only one during the debate to quantify “wealthy” by saying “those making more than a million dollars.”  That’s all nice and dandy, sounds great to the masses, but I’m sure there’s sure to be a ton of loopholes and caveats excluding the really wealthy from incurring these taxes.  Less it not be forgotten, many small business owners are those who are earning approximately a million dollar a year, and if they are taxed even more than they are currently, it will only hurt jobs.


Assume for a moment the candidates don’t have ulterior motives, and there aren’t very immensely affluent kingmakers actually making the decisions.  Are all these people purposely trying to drive our country into the economic ground, to become a third-world nation?


Bernie Sanders’ latest scheme to steal health care for the ignorant masses would cost the TAXPAYERS $1.38 trillion per year!  Sanders believes that because we still are “the wealthiest country in the history of the world.”  Oh, how I and millions of others wish that were still true.  As of this moment, our national debt is estimated at $18.9 Trillion, which already some economists think we can never repay.  The 2016 estimated US federal spending will be an approximated $4 Trillion, and Sanders wants to add $1.38 Trillion, just for a single-payer health care system!  Even with common core math, that doesn’t work.


Sanders said, “I want to substantially lower student debt interest rates,” and knowing the question would also be asked he said, “How do I pay for it?  I pay for it through a tax on Wall Street speculation.”  Well, that’s a whole load of garbage if he thinks that will not affect the everyday people that he’s supposedly fighting for.  Speculation on Wall Street is what drives innovation in technological and economic development.  Speculators are a vast majority of those daily active traders who are not the wealthy that Sanders wants to tax.  But most of his supports are the indigent, people that don’t actively trade on the market, primarily because they do not have the addition money to do so.  Some middle-class people try to augment their wages or to just make a living with activity on the market, the same people that Sanders claims he wants to help.


Hilary Clinton also lives in a fantasy, “I want to raise incomes, not taxes, and I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that the wealthy pay for debt free tuition, for child care, for paid family leave.”  It’s a very alluring statement, it is, if you don’t understand the ramifications of her ideas.  For starters, not raising taxes to fund any of the ideas is a pipe dream and not possible.


Paid family leave, while not directly a taxpayer burden, will hamper small and medium sized businesses.  Whereas a large corporation can more readily absorb the additional wages involved with bringing in temporary workers to backfill those on maternity leave, it could effectively kill growth by small and medium sized businesses.  For every employee on maternity leave, the company will have to pay the temp, will have to pay for training of the temp, and are more likely to suffer decreased productivity from the temp.


Government subsidized childcare will have to require additional taxes from everyone and, as with college costs, will cause an increase in childcare costs because those businesses will just increase their prices.  If you need an example, just look at the skyrocketing costs of college.  Any suggestion of, ‘well force the companies to charge less’ is not in keeping with the principles of liberty and the Constitution doesn’t grant the federal government that authority.  Government control of prices has been done before, during World War II, it wasn’t effective then and is just another step towards Socialism.  Socialism is a weigh station on the road to Communism, and neither been implemented without transitioning to a Totalitarian government.


What all of these DNC candidates are pushing is more Socialistic initiatives.  Socialism is will not work in America for many reasons.


One particular reason, for Socialism to work we would need to make several Amendments to the Constitution – good luck with that.  The Constitution does not grant the proper authority to the federal government to carry out a Socialist agenda and programs.


Socialism does not work.  Jason Stapleton made a great parallel to what Sanders wants in America, the system the French have.  Are you aware of how ‘great’ the French economy is doing?  Not wonderfully.


Socialism works when the people are subservient to the government.  That is impossible for our country to exist.  In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson declared, “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”  Meaning the power of the government cannot be pressed upon the people, for the people are the reason the government exists.


In short, if you are going to subject yourself to the DNC Debates, do so with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution in your lap and the principles of liberty fresh in your mind.  Those of us present today are the standard bearers of liberty and if we blindly follow those who seek to destroy liberty, we are accomplices.


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