Audit the Fed

I am far from an economist or financial expert on any level, but I can understand things when they’re explained in a way most people can understand.

Jason Stapleton is the host of ‘The Jason Stapleton Program‘ and operator of Liberty One.  ‘The Jason Stapleton Program’ is an hour long liberty-minded political talk show, in which Jason does a routinely excellent job of breaking down complex political and economic topics.  Several months ago I took Jason’s “10-episode challenge” after hearing about his show during an episode of ‘The Tom Woods Show‘ and I haven’t stopped listening.

The Federal Reserve is a complicated monster.  How The Fed causes more problems than they solve is very challenging for most people understand or furthermore explain.  Jason Stapleton has done a superb job of explaining how actions of The Fed are destructive to both liberty and the economy.  I highly recommend listening or watching, at least, this episode, ‘Obama’s SOTU and Rands Defeat on Audit the Fed.’



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