The State of the Disunited

By Steve Orcutt


Tomorrow night, for the seventh and final time, President B.H. Obama will deliver the State of the Union to a joint session of Congress.  The perpetual Union, 50 independent sovereign states, as it was described initially in the Articles of Confederation.  But viewing the political and social landscape today can give pause to any critical observer and lover of liberty.  Whether or not we are still a stalwart union could be debated heatedly.

Take off the rose colored glasses… put on the lenses of truth

It’s a generally accepted notion that government, especially a republic, derives its power from the authority of the people.  The power is held by the people, as declared to the world by the founders in the Declaration of Independence, that inalienable rights were endowed by a creator.  That is the source of the power and authority of any government – The People.  Authority over rights is a struggle between government and the people which persists today.  It is forgotten by many that the rights of the people, in the eyes of the supreme law of the land, are endowed by a creator.  Which means all authority is held by the people.  Our government (state and federal) exists because of the delegation of some rights to administer particular affairs on behalf of the people.


From the onset of the Revolutionary War continuing through victory, each state established a constitution.  This is the first delegation of authority of rights by the people to a governmental body.  These constitutions delegated from the people varying amounts of powers based on the rights of the people to their state governments.  The second delegation of powers occurred between the state and the national government within the Articles of Confederation, then to a federal government via the Constitution.  Hence, the states could not, did not, and do not have the authority to delegate any powers they as a whole did not previously have entrusted to them by the people.  Therefore, what powers expropriated by both state and Federal governments they force on the people is unlawful.


What all of that has to do with the State of the Union is extremely relevant.  Tomorrow, Obama is bound to advocate further usurpation of the people’s rights.  One item on the agenda for his speech is bound to be guns and the further demonization of them.  Every American needs to shed their selfish agenda of suppression of other people’s rights and consider how Obama is intending to exercise powers well outside of the power he or Congress possess.  Reflect for a moment, suppress your desire to control someone else’s rights, if Obama or Congress is able to legislate the obfuscation of people’s rights regarding any subject or item, any President and Congress could do the same for something you actually care about!  It doesn’t matter if that right is to bear arms or to free speech.  The wording of the Federal and most states’ Constitutions delineate which rights specifically cannot be obfuscated or usurped; gun and free speech happen to be two of several.  For the wishes of the framers was to bestow as much liberty on their posterity as possible.  All anyone today will bestow on their posterity is oppression and servitude if things continue as they are.


Take off the rose colored glasses, at least for tomorrow night, and put on the lenses of truth, because if we continue to be ignorant subjects to Obama and the political aristocracy, there will not be a “home of the brave and land of the free,” only the land of slaves.


The willingness to be subservient, versus the resolve to be free and have liberty is the divide in the union.  There is a significant portion of the population that is either willing to live off of the government’s teat or cast off their own rights to beholden to the government.  The beauty of a republican form of government is that these transient causes are suppressed by the laws overseeing the government, the Constitution.  What I hope for is there is a more significant portion of the population which desires liberty and the freedom it affords all people.  There must be a restoration of the republic for the perpetual union to endure.  Education is likely the key, the mindless progressive-ideology followers must be shown the light of freedom the actual Constitution affords them, not the shade of oppression our current path leads towards.



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