Meaningless Constitutions

This is a powerful posting and should be viewed as a cautionary tale of what may happen here in the United States. My heart is with the Burundi people and wish that this sort of thing is what the US military would be involved in stopping, not the sorts that the military industrial complex controlled President and Congress see important these days.


Before we begin let us define the word ‘dictionary’.  According to one Google search item, a dictionary is ‘a collection of words and their definitions’. Simple and straightforward. Now, let’s use a dictionary to define the word ‘constitution’.  Reading through the world renowned Cambridge Dictionary we are served with the following definition, ‘the set of political principles by which a state or organisation is governed, especially in relation to the rights of the people it governs’.  Apart from states like the United Kingdom, a majority of the countries on earth have a single document which acts as the Rule of the Land.  In Africa we too have constitutions but as time has shown, most of them are totally meaningless.   It is clear that this document has been a constant thorn in the sides of our African leaders since most have treated it like a Microsoft Word document – chopping and…

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